Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moravian Falls: Day 2

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Albert and Ann Rountree
Apple Hill Lodge

October 5, 2010

Dawn, Lorie, and I all heard of an intercessor's group near prayer mountain, so we decided to go to it this morning. We found out the leaders of the group are Albert (70’s) and Ann (60’s) Rountree. We learned that Ann has Heavenly encounters nearly everyday. The Lord takes her into Heaven, and gives her amazing glimpses into the Heavenly realm. It was through these experiences with the Lord that inspired the book she has written. Ann gave Lorie and Dawn both a personalized autographed book. It was an amazing time.

We heard of another group meeting tonight at the Apple Hill Lodge. This meeting was hosted by Harry (80’s) and Louise (70’s). They were both in the ministry for years, and Harry is also an author of a book. They are both amazing people. Harry gave Dawn and I his book and autographed it as a gift. Harry also asked me if I would stand up in front of the group (fifteen people) and give my testimony of how we became traveling missionaries. I was happy to do so. We met some fabulous people today.

Lord, thank you so much for the amazing encounters. We so appreciate our new friends. We ask that you would continue to bring people into our lives that we can bless and be blessed by. We pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.


  1. Hello... I would like to meet Anna Rountree. I know her but cannot contact her. Please tell me how to find her. Thank you! Nancy

  2. Yeah I would love to speak with her too I've read her books and it's compelled me to search for a greater relationship with Christ!

  3. Could you tell me how I could find the prayer group Anna Rountree attends? I would really like to attend at least just one.

  4. don't bother trying to hunt down this prayer group. Very disappointing,