Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moravian Falls: Day 4

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Intercessor’s group
Angel rock
Prayer mountain

October 7, 2010

Dawn and I woke up early so we could join Albert and Anna Rountree at their home and the other intercessors. We were so blessed listening to the live music of, Ralph (50’s) and Helen (50’s). They even gave Dawn and I two of their music CD’s. The CD’s are entitled, Holy Mountain and Sacred Wind: Songs of the Kingdom. I highly recommend them. We had an amazing time in the Glory.

Later, Dawn and I went up to Angel Rock. We stayed up there for several hours. This place is truly anointed. The Moravians prayed over this land for a 100 years, and you can tell. Dawn and I made a number of Kingdom declarations while at Angel Rock.

After Angel Rock, Dawn and I met up with Jacquiline. We all ate dinner together, and then decided to hike up to Prayer Mountain in the dark. We were all certainly anxious to encounter the Lord. We sat up on the mountain for two hours praying, singing, dancing, and laughing. None of us saw Jesus or any angels manifest in the natural realm, but I had an amazing vision with my spiritual eyes.

I saw this long corridor with a purple carpet laid on it. This carpet stretched all the way to a throne. Lined on both sides of the corridor were angels with wings wearing white robes all playing a golden trumpet. The trumpets were pretty long in length. As I looked closer directly in front of me, I saw Jesus standing there. He was nearly close enough to touch.

Jesus was wearing His royal garments. He was clothed with a beautiful Kingly robe, and was wearing a golden crown with magnificent jewels inlaid. Jesus was holding a sword in both hands at His waist. The blade was pointing up, and the flat of the blade was resting upon His forehead. Jesus was standing there as if He was waiting for something. It looked like He was waiting to “knight” us, but the vision ended. I’m not really sure what it all meant. If anybody has an interpretation, I would love to hear it.

Lord, thank you for encountering us today. We long for greater encounters with You. There is so much You want to do in all Your people. We ask you to do it. Thank you, Lord. We pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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