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October, 2010 Update by Dawn

Shekinah Chronicles

By: Dawn Pietsch

October Update, 2010

As we left Bend, Oregon and journeyed across the United States to the east coast. The Lord had us pray and make declarations specifically for each state as we traveled through. It was apparent that nationwide revival is at hand.

When we arrived in Fort Mill, South Carolina we went to Morningstar Ministries, which is Rick Joyner’s Church. They were having a Harvest Conference with Bob Jones, Todd Bently, Ed Silvosa, Jake Hamilton and many others. It was full of praise, worship, healings, teachings, and outreach activities for three amazing days. Many salvations, healings, and miracles took place.

After the conference was over, we went to Charlotte, North Carolina to the Billy Graham Library. This place exuded the presence of the Lord. The original home that Billy Graham grew up in was on the property along with a museum of history and a gift store. This also had the grave site of his late wife Ruth Graham. Truly this was an amazing place to go.

Next we headed to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to a town that the Moravians settled at. The Moravian people were originally from Germany. The Moravian people had a strong religious conviction to worship the Lord through prayer and example. While at Winston-Salem Nathan encountered a man with a withered hand. He prayed for the man and his hand was healed miraculously.

Next we went to the town of Moravian Falls, North Carolina for a truly awesome experience. The Moravians prayed over this land 24/7 for more than a hundred years, which was very evident. The presence of the Lord was so thick that you could hear Him so easily and clearly. Many people come here for this reason. We met many wonderful people who blessed us and prayed for us. Thank you Apple Hill Lodge for providing us a place to stay.

We then left for Lynchburg, Virginia, where we met up with one of Nathan’s friends from preschool. This friend and his family took us in for several days. They have six children and one on the way. This family was truly amazing! Their children were home schooled and brought up in the Lord. We also met and fellowshiped with other amazing large families like the DeVoss family. They really blessed us.

We did outreach in Lynchburg and many salvations, baptisms of the Holy Spirit, and miracles took place. We met a man and asked if he needed prayer, and he responded.. “For salvation!” It was so easy.

After leaving Lynchburg, we passed through Appomattox, where the Civil War was fought. Driving through this area you could feel in the atmosphere many different emotions. The Lord had us pray specifically for this area because of the bloodshed and loss of life that took place in this area. We continued praying as we traveled up to Ashland, Virginia.

We then arrived at Calvary Campground, which is the original home and ministry center for the Heflin Family. Ruth Ward Heflin was an amazing evangelist who traveled extensively throughout the world and preached the gospel to every nation. We were able to attend a Conference and meet many wonderful people. Thank you Calvary Campground for providing us a place to stay and for feeding us.

While there, we met a couple from Russia. Previously, the gospel was preached to the people of Russia from a team from Calvary Campground two decades ago, and there was a revival that took place where many Russians were saved and given bibles. They never had the privilege to have bibles before. Because of this, many churches were started and this very couple was sent to the United States to preach the gospel to the Americans in appreciation for the salvation that was brought to them.

We also heard that an enormous amount of Korean people have come to the United States to share the gospel with us also, because we first shared it with them. Presently the Korean Church is the largest Christian church in the world. What better gift could you give to a nation that already has so much?

After we left Virginia we went to Washington DC, and stayed with Nathan’s cousin’s family. What an amazing place to see with so much history behind it. We went to all the historical sites that the Lord had laid on our hearts. We were able to pray for the people and over all of the land.

Our next location was a worship conference in Hockessin, Delaware. We were able to meet many amazing musicians and people. Catherine Mullins, Judah Nation, Demetria and Joseph Stallings, O’shay Lolley, and many others were there for 5 days of worship. Demetria and Joseph Stallings were one of the musicians that we enjoyed fellowship with also at the Calvary Campground in Ashland, VA. Judah Nation was so awesome to provide us a place to stay while there. The State of Delaware is on fire for the Lord, and true revival is in their hearts.

We feel so blessed to be apart of this revival by traveling across the United States and seeing it take place in every state. God is stirring his children’s hearts to seek and love on His lost children.

Thank you for all those who support us and enable us to do the things that God is calling us to do. Bless each and everyone of you, we love you so much.
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Abundant Blessings,
Nathan and Dawn Pietsch

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