Saturday, December 8, 2012

Go: Testimonies from the front lines :: Non-fiction Book

By Dawn Pietsch

As most of you know, Nathan and I have been traveling the United States as missionaries for the past three years or so. We have had an amazing journey. Well, we (mostly Nathan) has written a book about the crazy, awesome encounters we have had along the way. The book is called, Go: Testimonies from the front lines.

We have a strong offer to co-publish the book through Charisma Media (  This is actually a really big ordeal, and quite an accomplishment. However, since we're pretty much no-namers as book authors, they are requiring us to purchase 3,500 books from them on the first-run printing.

If you are interested in learning more about the book, or in a sense pre-ordering it, check out our, Go Get Funding page (very similar to Kickstarter) at:

Even if you're not really interested in this project yourself, maybe you know somebody who would be?  We would greatly appreciate any referrals you might be able to offer. We feel like we are close to a major breakthrough, and would love your help.

Thank you.

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