Friday, April 25, 2014

April, 2014 :: Update from the Mission Field :: Nathan and Dawn Pietsch

By Nathan D. Pietsch

For the past four months, Dawn and I spent six days per week in Jackson Square, which is the heart of New Orleans. It was quite an experience. This square has all the drama for the making of a movie. We actually saw several Hollywood film crews shooting movies and TV series in the area. We also witnessed several fights take place, and a gang fight between children street performers who tap dance in an effort to hustle money. We saw many people trip and fall hard to the ground because of the extremely uneven sidewalks. We saw several people taken to the hospital for various reasons. We also saw one dead guy lounging on the bench, though we didn't know he was dead at the time. It has been quite the adventure here in the deep south.

As missionaries, our main purpose is taking the love of Jesus Christ onto the streets and into the marketplace to impact a hurt and desperate world. That was also our mission in New Orleans. We were able to influence many people during our time in Jackson Square. Some of those people were tarot card readers, voodoo practitioners, witches, homeless people, drug addicts, homosexuals, and alcoholics. New Orleans is one of the toughest ministry sights in the United States.

Below, we have included photos from the mission field. There is also a brief testimony of God moving powerfully in a man's life.

Nathan and Dawn Pietsch

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