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September, 2013 :: Update from the Mission Field :: Nathan and Dawn Pietsch

written by: Nathan D. Pietsch

Dear Friends and Family,

September was an exciting and celebratory month for Dawn and I on the USA mission field. We both celebrated our birthdays! Below, you will find an amazing testimony of a young woman who was suicidal prone, give her life to Jesus. You will also find some special prayer requests. If you are interested in connecting and supporting Nathan and Dawn Pietsch on a personal level you can at:

As full-time missionaries to the United States, we desire to stay true to the call we believe we have received. Our objectives as missionaries is to reach the lost on the streets and in the marketplace in the areas we travel. We accomplish this through power evangelism outreach. Our second objective is to train and equip other churches in power evangelism outreach. Our third objective is to conduct revival meetings and conferences. We have recorded below one testimony from this month from the mission field.

Orphan to Royal Priest
Dawn and I had the amazing privilege to meet a teenage girl named, “Dana” Dana has been in-and-out of foster care for quite awhile. We didn’t know she was an orphan at the time, but we were drawn to her because we could see the anger, hurt, and frustration on her. We could also see a “cutting spirit” on her as well.

In the Bible, the demon possessed man who lived in the tombs, and tormented by the legion of demons had a cutting spirit. The Bible says, “He was in the mountains and in the tombs, crying out and cutting himself with stones.” (Mark 5:5.)

A cutting spirit, is also a suicidal spirit that will try to kill the person it is attached to. We knew if this young woman did not receive the love of Jesus Christ in her life, she may fall victim to self-mutilation or worse, suicide. We also knew God really wanted to encounter Dana and set her free in a powerful way. We knew God wanted to reveal his unconditional love to Dana.

Even though Dana was angry, hurt, frustrated, and bound by the devil, we were not intimidated. We know the love of God is no match for the devil. We knew Dana was craving a true love encounter with the King of kings, and Lord of lords.

We began to minister to Dana by using the spiritual gift of prophecy. Those who prophecy should speak edification, exhortation, and comfort. (I Corinthians 14:3.) We began to draw out the treasures God had placed inside Dana. It is really easy to see the dirt in people, but a true treasure hunter will sift through the dirt and find the gold. We found the gold in Dana, and began to speak forth her true God-given destiny. After a few minutes, she was sobbing. The walls had fallen down, and her heart was softened.

We asked Dana if she wanted to get a fresh start with the Lord. She was ready to surrender the pain of her life to Jesus. She invited Jesus into her heart to be Lord of her life. She instantly went from an orphan to a royal priest. (See I Peter 2:9-10.)

Dana communicated to us that she had already started harming herself. She told us she wanted to die, and was suicidal. She did not care to live. However, after we commanded the devil off of her, and she received Jesus into her life, she now has an amazing destiny to fulfill.

Special Prayer Requests
* Please pray for greater provision, protection, and God's wisdom for Nathan, Dawn, and All Sufficient God Church.

* Please pray that the people Nathan and Dawn have ministered to will continue to have amazing encounters with the Lord.
* Please pray for Divine connections and appointments.
* Please pray for traveling mercies for Nathan and Dawn as they head to new states and regions.

If you would like to sponsor or invite Nathan and Dawn to go to your church or region, please contact us at:

Lots of Love,
Nathan and Dawn

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