Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calvary Pentecostal Campground

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Calvary Pentecostal Campground

October 14-25, 2010

Dawn and I left Concord, Virginia and drove to Ashland, Virginia. It was a wonderful drive, as we saw old Civil War battlegrounds. It was sad to be in a place knowing so many people were in these battles.

Our time at Calvary Pentecostal Campground has been amazing so far. This ministry was founded in 1937 by the Heflin family. Perhaps their daughter, Ruth Ward Heflin is the most famous of them. While she was still alive, she traveled and ministered in every country on earth. She would minister to kings, queens, nobles, and presidents. She would also have amazing Holy Spirit manifestations of gold cover her when she would worship.

Dawn and I have been able to glean from the rich heritage here. This campground is known for its prophetic anointing. The current camp director, Jane Lowder prophesied over Dawn and I. We have also received other prophetic words from people here. Dawn and I were preparing to leave the campground when Jane invited Dawn and I stay longer.

At first, Dawn and I did not think we should stay any longer. While we were packing up the car, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me and say we needed to stay. There is a conference here at the campground this coming weekend. When we told some of the staff here we were planning on staying a little longer, they were thrilled. When we told them Jane invited us, they were amazed. Jane and this campground are exceedingly generous, but apparently it is rare for Jane to invite people to stay longer. Perhaps she saw something amazing in store for us.

Lord, please bless Calvary Campground. They have been so wonderful to us. Please pour out an abundance over them for their generosity. Thank you, Lord. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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