Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moravian Falls: Day 3

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Lorie’s departure
Radical intercessors

October 6, 2010

This morning was a sad day because we had to take Lorie to the Charlotte Airport. She is flying back home to Bend, Oregon. We all had a really great time though. We look forward to our next Glory adventure with Lorie. God is so much fun.

After Dawn and I dropped Lorie off at the airport, we drove back to Moravian Falls. We decided to go back for a couple more days. We got invited to stay at the Apple Hill Lodge. We are really excited about that. We love this place.

As soon as Dawn and I arrived, we met five ladies who were praying on the deck porch at the lodge. It was obvious they are mighty intercessors. They asked us if we wanted to pray with them. We decided to join. We learned their names: Teresa (40’s), Cheryl (40’s), Tanya (50’s), Teal (30’s), and Kathleen (30’s). This is a powerhouse group.

We all spent several hours praying and talking about how wonderful God is. This was truly a Divine appointment. They blessed and encouraged us so much. We had a remarkable evening with them. They all drove here from another city in North Carolina just to hear clearer from the Lord. It was perfect timing for us to meet them.

Lord, we pray a very special blessing upon Lorie, Harry and Louise, Teresa, Cheryl, Tanya, Teal, and Kathleen. Pour out Your ooey gooey Glory upon them all. We pray this in the name of Jesus.

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