Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Revival Fire in Concord

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Baptisms in the Holy Spirit

October 13-14, 2010

Dawn and I left our dear friends’ home this morning. We had an amazing time at Gabe and Rebecca’s place. Dawn and I were prepared to travel to our next location, the Calvary Pentecostal Campground in Ashland, Virginia. This is where Ruth Ward Heflin, and her family previously ministered. However, the Lord had other immediate plans. We found ourselves going in a different direction.

On this last Sunday at church, the Holy Spirit introduced us to a couple named, Ron (40’s) and Bobbie (39). They invited us over to their house for dinner. They even invited us to stay the night if we wanted. Last week, the Lord gave me an itinerary of the amount of time we were to stay in these various areas. There was a one-day gap the Lord had me put in between Gabe’s house and Calvary Campground. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I do now. We were supposed to stay with Ron and Bobbie, so we decided to receive their offer.

Dawn and I made it to their house for dinner. Two other couples, Todd (40’s) and Cindy (40’s), and Caleb (20’s) and Kristina (20’s) also came over. Bobbie had briefly shared our testimony to them at church on Sunday, and they wanted to learn more about what God is doing in our lives.

All six of them are Baptists with deep roots, but the Holy Spirit has been stirring them.
We all sat around the dinner table and talked. They pounded us—in a loving way—with questions. Some of them believed, others didn’t believe what the scriptures say regarding spiritual gifts. It is not our job to “change someone’s mind,” it is the Holy Spirit’s job. It is our job to release truth in love.

The three women were extremely hungry for more of God. We could feel them pulling on Heaven. Earlier today, I had a vision of the Holy Spirit dropping, and people being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The ladies were absolutely ripe for God’s outpouring. When Caleb and Kristina were getting ready to leave, the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask Kristina if she wanted to receive the gift of speaking in tongues. Boldly in front of everyone, she said, “Yes, I do. If it is of God, I want it.” Dawn and I quickly prayed and prophesied over both Caleb and Kristina. We then activated her in speaking in tongues, and she did. She began to weep, as she felt the release of the Holy Spirit. It was an amazing moment.

Sometime later, Dawn and I were able to pray for Cindy. Cindy is a power house in the Spirit with a strong deliverance ministry. She also got filled with the Spirit and began to speak in tongues. The Lord really showed me that He is calling all of His people to Him regardless of one’s denomination. God is destroying paradigms of people’s beliefs. God is invading our powerless man-made boxes of God.

We also prayed and prophesied over Bobbie, but we got interrupted and had to stop. However, this morning, Bobbie asked if Dawn and I would pray for her some more. We were super happy and eager to do so. Bobbie wanted to receive her prayer language, and began to speak in tongues. Bobbie told us she has been praying to God to send somebody to help her understand what the Lord has been speaking to her about. The Lord sent us to minister, and we are so appreciative and honored that the Lord would use us in this ministry. Bobbie said something to us that was very impacting. She said, “Thank you for packing up all your stuff in Oregon, getting in your car, and going where God sends you.” This meant a lot to us.

Through these three women, the Lord has just started revival fire in Concord. I have no doubt of that. These three women are the catalyst behind a spiritual awakening of God’s glory in this region. It is going to spread from them to many others.

Lord, we so thank you for all You did tonight. We pray a protection over all us. Thank you for the revival fires You just started. We know You have huge plans for this region and Your people in this region. We very much looking forward to seeing what You are going to do here. Thank you, Lord. We pray all of this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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