Friday, July 16, 2010

Ministry in Old Town Vegas

By Nathan D. Pietsch
Supernatural angel feather manifested in creative miracle
Man’s sprained foot gets healed
July 15, 2010

Tonight Dawn and I decided to go to the old city of Las Vegas. This is where the Vegas party all started many years ago in downtown. The main event is on Freemont street. The night started off kind of slow. It has been hard for both of us to clearly hear from the Lord thus far in Vegas.

I remember when I was the outreach pastor in Arcata, California when I was at Bethel School of Supernatural Discipleship. The first multiple times we went out on the streets, we had a very difficult time hearing the Lord, following His lead, and getting any sort of break-through. However, we kept going out week after week and sowing into that region. The break-through eventually came after sowing seeds of God’s Glory over and over.

Radical miracles started flowing as well. Many people got saved, legs supernaturally grew out, one lady walked out of a wheelchair who was unable to stand longer than five seconds previously, and a number of other healings took place. I really believe Las Vegas is on the verge of a large street revival. Dawn and I are going to continue going out and sowing seeds. We know the harvest is on the horizon.

We did speak life into a number of people tonight though. Ron, a homeless gentleman was severely bound with a spirit of infirmity. He may have been in his late 50’s, but his spine was very deformed with scoliosis curvatures, and was also bent over at the waist so he was unable to stand up straight. We commanded the spirit of infirmity off of him, and commanded his body to come into alignment with the will of the Father.

We didn’t lay hands on him, but he nearly fell to the ground. However, when it was all said and done, there were no physical changes to his body. Even if we didn’t see anything manifest in the natural, something still happened. It is impossible to release the Kingdom through prayer or declarations and have nothing happen. When healings don’t manifest, I take comfort in several truths.

1). If God doesn’t heal, it is not my burden.

Quite awhile ago, I was having a conversation with the Lord. I wanted to know why more people weren’t getting healed through me. The Lord said, “You are not the one who heals, I am. Your job is simply to release the words.” This actually removed a burden from me. My job is to simply speak words of life. I don’t get the glory if God heals, nor do I get the burden if He doesn’t heal. I just get to enjoy my relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

2). If God doesn’t heal, there are a couple of scriptures I rest on.

a). Isaiah 65:23—
They shall not labor in vain,..

b). 1 Corinthians 15:58—
Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Everything we do for the Lord bears fruit, whether in the spiritual, physical, or both realms. Nothing we do for the Kingdom is in vain.

Something really neat that happened while we were talking with Ron, was that a supernatural angel feather manifested in a creative miracle. There was no mistaking it, because I have several feathers in my Bible that previously supernaturally appeared before our eyes indoors. Also, before we went out onto the streets tonight, I was asking the Lord for strategy, and he had me release Hebrews 1:14—
Are they [angels] not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?

Therefore, I was not super surprised to see this angel feather appear, but it is always encouraging for the Lord to release a creative miracle. Such miracles want us to thank and glorify God even more.

The feather was released just to the side of my face. It was bright white and pretty small. Unfortunately, as quickly as it appeared, the wind caught it away. It was not a gift for me to keep in my Bible, but rather a conformation that we had an army of angels with us. It is always nice to have friendly angels with you.

Later on, God did show up for us through a healing manifestation. Dawn and I were walking on the street and came across another homeless man named, Paul. It was certainly a divine appointment. He was walking toward us. He wanted money, so we gave him a dollar bill. We could also tell he was walking with a limp. It turned out that he had sprained his ankle early in the day. On a scale of 1-10, ten being excruciating pain, he was at a five. We commanded healing in his ankle. Instantly he said it felt better. We continued to release the Kingdom over him, and encourage him.

Paul was initially going in the opposite direction of us, but he decided to follow and talk to us. His ankle had dropped down to a level-two pain. I told him that Jesus bought total healing for all of us, and asked if I could go after the healing again. He agreed. I commanded all the pain to go in the name of Jesus, and asked him to test it out again. He emphasized the dramatic improvement in this ankle, and was very thrilled he could put weight on it. I asked if he wanted to rededicate his life to the Lord, to receive all that He has for him, and fulfill his destiny. He said he has already done that, and didn’t feel like he needed to do it again. We blessed him and went on our way.

At this point, God started opening up the doors for further ministry. We would walk up to people and say, “Do you want to experience the bliss love of Jesus Christ? He is so amazing and He wants to release miracles over you right now.”

When I say we would walk up to people, I really mean some of the gnarliest looking people. The Lord led us to a group of African-American men in their early 20’s. They looked liked they could be gang bangers. God’s Holy presence showed up because He led us.

In God’s Glory the toughest of people melt. We prophesied and released miracles over these young men. When it was all said and done, they were glowing with radiant smiles and hugging us. God is so much fun.

Another group of people was highlighted to Dawn. We went up to them and made conversation. Dawn started getting words of knowledge about them and prophesying over them. It turned out that they are a heavy metal band from California here in Las Vegas to put on a show tomorrow. They were also pretty radical looking guys. They were very appreciative and thankful that we stopped to talk with them.

Lord, we bless You for what You are doing. We give you permission to do even more. Have your way in this place we pray, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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