Saturday, July 24, 2010

Orbs Over Vegas

By Nathan D. Pietsch
Supernatural orbs caught on film
July 23, 2010

Check out these photos of orbs over different locations on the Las Vegas Strip.


  1. Hi Dawn and Nathan, Lorie fwd your link. Glad to hear how y'all are moving with Poppa. Earl is back in Bend starting today. I am still in the East helping with all my new grand-babies (3, one each from my 3 children). Keep the good walk up. Hope Martin (we met at Kamara's)

  2. Hi Nathan and Dawn ~ Hoping you remember working with me from Bend...Carol Donadio, we worked together on the Pursue without Inhibitions last summer and I was an intercessor at Faith Christian. Donna told me about your site... We moved back to NY last summer (8/09) to care for my mother who had a stroke. I love your blog and these pictures are awesome! Glad to see you moving mightily in the Kingdom. I'm trying to find out how I can get regular updates of your you have a Facebook account? Praying for you both and your ministry! Abundant Blessings! Carol

    1. Hi Carol,
      This is Nathan and Dawn Pietsch. We met ages ago at Faith Christian Center and the Pursue Without Inhibitions Crusade. Are you still in NY? We are in Mexico right now, and have been all over the country and world now. It has been a grand journey with God. Hope you are well. Best Regards,
      Nathan and Dawn

      If you ever reply, it is best to go through one of these websites.