Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, Bless God, Amen

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Holy Spirit Conference at ICLV
Prophetic words of destiny
Man gets saved

July 28, 2010

Tonight was the final night of the Holy Spirit Conference at the International Church of Las Vegas. The Holy Spirit lit it up the place through Bishop Joseph Garlington. What an encounter we all had with the Living God.

One of the key points that I took from the night was a simple phrase: “Well, Bless God, Amen.” In other words, no matter what your situation or circumstance looks like, “Well, Bless God, Amen.”

God has all the answers, means, and ability to every situation. Our role is to simply keep our focus on Him.

After the conference, Dawn and I made it onto the Strip at 11:30 PM. We walked from Treasure Island to the Wynn Hotel and Casino. God just seems to direct us as we walk around. Dawn got a hunch to walk to the entrance of the Wynn Hotel. On our way, we found our treasure.

His name is Keith from North Carolina, and a 24 year old African-American with a strong destiny over his life. He is a believer in Jesus, but had walked away from God for two years, because he didn’t make it into professional baseball. He prayed a lot previously, but he still didn’t make it. This created bitterness in his heart towards the Lord. Dawn and I poured truth into him for an hour.

Keith is such a polite guy. He kept telling us, “Thank you for stopping to talk to me. I would have never expected this in Las Vegas. You don’t know what this means to me. I have never experienced anything like this before. Thank you.” He was very touched, and it was a great honor for Dawn and I to meet him.

Our final God-encounter was with Loren. He is homeless, and in his 40’s. He was desperate for something. However, he didn’t know he was desperate for Jesus until we told him. We walked him through the sinner’s prayer, and he stepped from darkness into light.

Lord, thank you so much for what You did tonight. Thank you for pouring water into the dry desert. Thank you for bringing that dry desert to life. Continue to nourish Your people. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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