Thursday, November 1, 2012

October, 2012: Update from the Mission Field

By Dawn R. Pietsch

It is an honor to be writing to you. There have been a number of wonderful things taking place with Nathan and I. Lord willing, we are glad to announce we are planning on launching a Kickstarter ( project in the next couple of weeks.

Nathan has written a book entitled, Go: Testimonies from the Front Lines.  We believe it could be a very powerful book. Nathan has gotten offers to co-publish through Charisma Media.  However, we are required to purchase a large number of books from the first printing.  This is why we are planning on making a Kickstarter project. Stay tuned for more info on the book and project.

During the last few months since we left New Orleans, Nathan and I have been in a new season of our ministry. What we have learned out on the streets can be practical steps for all of us.

We have been shown how our “souls” have been effected by: hurts, traumas, and unforgiveness. The wounds have kept us from being healed and set free. If the soul gets set free, then healing will come forth. (John 8:36.)

Our souls consist of: our mind, will, and emotions. Until our spirits were made alive through a relationship with Jesus Christ, our souls are what we operated in. When we are in Christ, we now have the mind of Christ, and need to submit our wills, and emotions to Him. (I Corinthians 2:16b.)

Our souls are what we are battling in the flesh. We do what we don’t want to do, and we don’t do what we should. (Romans 7:15-18.) The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. (Mark 14:38.)

Our minds are like computers with data bases. They remember information from years past, and when we get into a situation that seems similar, our minds will recall this information. This can be good, and can also be bad.

Just say that we had an incident where we were hurt by a friend, let’s say by some gossip that was said about us. It really wounded us. We have a choice at that moment to choose to forgive them, plead the blood of Jesus over us and the situation, and ask Jesus to remove the wound. If we do this, we can be set free immediately.

But what happens all to often is we harbor resentment and unforgiveness until it gets way out of hand.  Next thing you know, you can hardly look at that person, nor talk to them. If this progresses, we start getting negative and critical of people, we loose our peace, we start feeling tired, eventually we can even get sick. Why? Because the bible says that if we don’t forgive, then... our sins are not forgiven. (Matt 6:15.) The enemy is our adversary, prowling around like a lion, ready to devour you! (I Peter 5:8.) Don’t give the enemy a foothold that can turn into a stronghold!

Jesus paid the price at the cross for us with His shed blood to forgive us of our sins. (John 19:28.) But we must receive what He did for us. The bible says, that by His stripes—or wounds—we are healed! (1 Peter 2:24.) But once again, we must receive what He did for us. You must ask Him to remove the wounds from your soul. If this is done, we not only will be set free from our sins, but healed from the wounds also. If we do this immediately, we won’t have to go back and remove all those strongholds in our lives.

We realize this seems elementary, but we see this issue out on the streets all the time, and even in our own lives.

God Bless you all, and may your holidays be amazing...