Friday, June 28, 2019

Frontline Chronicles :: June, 2019 :: The Relentless Love of Jesus :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

The Relentless Love of Jesus

 By Nathan D. Pietsch

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Note: The following testimonies, videos, and photos are for the Glory of God and His Goodness. It is wonderful to partner with the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to help people move from dark to light, bondage to freedom, and struggle to destiny.

Dawn and I have continued our street preaching ministry in New Orleans. It has been powerful, rewarding, and stretching. On one night, a man walked by us who was sweating profusely. He approached us and said, "I remember you two. About six years ago I was sitting down at the Aquarium. You walked up to me and said, 'I have a word for you from God. You have a supernatural gift of discernment.' I was so amazed at this because you both walked right up to me while I was sitting in a group of five guys. It was like I was targeted by God."

"Martin" then told us that he was at his lowest point. Two months ago, his fiancée had a heart attack and died in his arms. This resulted in him going back to alcohol. It was so bad his body was having major physical affects if he did not have a drink. The emotional pain had caused him to start drinking excessively.

He then said, “One hour ago I was lying down trying to sleep. I heard this voice, whom I believe it was God say, 'Get up and go get some help.' I went to the police station because they have a rehab and detox program that I have decided to try and enter. After that, I came walking down Royal Street and ran into you."

Dawn and I prayed for him. He rededicated his life to the Lord. We also led him through some prayers to take the pain out pertaining to his fiancée. We also spoke healing to alcohol addiction. After the prayers he said, "I feel much better. Look, I have even stopped sweating. I feel like a heaviness lifted off of me."

On another occasion a man encountered Jesus in a very powerful way. He heard me preaching and crossed over the street to come towards me. He had been drinking, but his spirit knew he needed Jesus. I was able to lead him through the sinner’s prayer.

In the realm of the spirit I could see a sharp object in his left arm. This was a word of knowledge the Lord had given me. It was a blade of some sort. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but I knew there was a spirit of death attached to it stuck in his arm.

As I looked closer at his arm, I saw the vein damaged. I asked him, “Do you shoot needles?”

“Yes, I did,” he replied.

This made sense why I saw a sharp object in his arm and why a spirit of death was also attached to his arm. I then prayed for the effects of the drug use to be removed.

After Dawn and I spoke and prayed with him for about 15-minutes I began to street preach again. He listened to my words and began to praise Jesus. He would lift his arms towards heaven and thank the Lord for rescuing him.

He was gradually becoming more and more overtaken by God’s hand on his life. God literally put him to sleep for 30-minutes lying on the sidewalk at my feet. He was completely undone by God and passed out. I could tell God was doing a deep work. It was really amazing to see. Many people were walking by and observing what was happening.

After the man woke up, I asked him, “How do you feel?”

His reply was priceless, “I feel redeemed... I feel clean on the inside.”

You can watch a short video posted on Youtube entitled, "Man Encounters Jesus :: Nathan and Dawn Pietsch."

It's His Kindness That Leads to Repentance

By Dawn R. Pietsch

Nathan and I go down to the French Quarter in New Orleans on a regular basis. We go three times per week to street preach. Nathan preaches, and I pray. There is a homeless girl that sits at the street corner and asks for money. When Nathan and I first started preaching out there months ago, she was very angry with us. In her mind, she thought we would take business from her.

Nobody has "reserved spots" down there, but there are turf wars. This especially happens if you come too close to someone's area. She would yell at us and tell us to leave and go somewhere else. She would make our time doing ministry miserable. She regularly yelled at us and called us names. We would move to different areas, but she would always be somewhere close by.

We began to pray and ask the Lord for help! We asked God to fight our battles and win them for us! Then one day, the Lord told us to give her some money. We decided to get her some gifts as well. We bought her books, journals, food, and a variety of special things that we thought she might like. We noticed she was always reading while begging for money, so we thought the books would be a good idea.

When we presented the gifts to her, she was angry to see us and threw our stuff across the sidewalk. She yelled at us, "I don't want anything from you! Keep it!" We tried talking with her more, but she wouldn't listen.

We were discouraged, not knowing what to do. By the end of our night, we saw her talking with a man who also does street ministry. After the man left, Nathan ran after him. Nathan wanted to ask the man about the homeless girl. Nathan then explained what happened when we tried to give her the gifts.

The man told us the homeless woman actually felt bad about the way she treated us. She was sorry for her behavior. The woman was hungry and now wanted back what we had originally given her. When we heard this news from the man, we decided to go talk with the homeless woman again. We offered her the gift bag one more time. She was apologetic for her actions, as we also apologized for anything we did to upset her. She took the bag with thanksgiving and we went home.

We saw her a few days later and she treated us nicely. She was thankful for our gifts. After seeing her regularly in the French Quarter, she has now become our friend. She stays close to where we are, and listens to what Nathan preaches. Even her boyfriend appreciates us and likes to be near us. God has helped us make friends with those who were our opponents. Praise God, that He fights our battles and wins them!