Friday, September 29, 2017

Frontlines :: September, 2017 :: Testimonies from Switzerland :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

By Nathan D. Pietsch

It has been amazing in Europe since our arrival in August. God has been on the move. The people have embraced us very well and have a hunger to experience a great awakening in their country. They are starting to believe Joel 2:28-29 is relevant for their lives today.

Dawn and I have been leading a weekly home group of 25-35+ people. I have been teaching them how to hear the voice of the Lord (John 10:27), and then pray what God is speaking to them. As they hear and see what God is doing in Heaven, they are releasing it here on earth (Matthew 6:10). The fruit has been remarkable.

We are also leading weekly spiritual workshops. There have been many testimonies from the services, but some include a woman being totally healed of severe arthritis, a person being set free from a spirit of poverty, and a lady receiving freedom from a chronic sickness with thoughts of suicide.

We have also been praying daily for people in personal one-on-one sessions. We have had over 60 people requesting prayer. During these sessions we help bring deliverance, restoration, and healing to the person. The Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit have been doing a very deep work in their lives. Please pray for an increase in grace, and God's love to saturate the country of Switzerland and beyond. God bless you.

By Dawn R. Pietsch

A Time of Rejoicing

Today is a great time of rejoicing seeing that it is the season of Yom Kipper. Yom Kipper symbolizes a day of happiness and repentance! Which makes me think of our time here in Switzerland! It has been an awesome time of ministry and friendship with the amazing people of Switzerland! We have done so much ministry here with the workshops that Nathan is preaching every week, and activating the people in revival! Learning to hear the voice of God, seeing what God is doing through the prophetic, and then arising through getting deliverance from all of those things that have been holding them back from their purpose in life! Like Yom Kippor, it's about repentance and happiness! So it is when your life gets cleaned up, and you can really enjoy your true meaning and destiny of why you were created!