Friday, April 29, 2016

Frontlines :: April, 2016 :: Joy in Colorado Springs :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

By Nathan D. Pietsch

April brought a lot of excitement for Dawn and I as frontline missionaries. We spent some time in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is a highly important city in the United States. It is home to multiple military bases, the U.S. Olympic Training Center, the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort, and the University of Colorado. Dawn and I had several "Holy Spirit Assignments" while in the Springs.
Dawn and I also went to Manitou Springs. Manitou Springs has a high concentration of occultism, satanism, and New Age. Dawn and I have a lot of experience dealing with occultism, satanism, and New Age from our missionary assignments in New Orleans.

A week after we left Colorado, we received this email from a contact in the Springs saying, “Tonight at my women's group, someone said a friend of hers was talking to someone who owns a tarot card shop in Manitou. The tarot card guy said they are all leaving the area because their channels are all cut and the vortex isn't there anymore! Isn't that awesome.”

If the Lord is calling you to heal people and the land from the enemy, there are numerous ways to bring down strongholds. Some of those ways include: praise and worship (2 Chronicles 20), release forgiveness (John 20:23), apply the blood of Jesus (Revelation 12:11), and take Holy Communion (Matthew 26:26-29, Colossians 2:15). If you have questions regarding any of these strategies, be sure to contact us. We would love to help.