Friday, August 28, 2020

Frontline Chronicles :: August, 2020 :: The Torment of Unforgiveness :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch


The Torment of Unforgiveness

By Nathan D. Pietsch

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Note: The following testimonies and photos are for the Glory of God and His Goodness. It is wonderful to partner with the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to help people move from dark to light, bondage to freedom, and struggle to destiny.

Dawn and I pray for multiple people a week in one-on-one appointments. We work along side a few others on a ministry team. A young women in her twenties named, “Amanda” came to us for prayer. It was such a sad situation, and this appointment was flagged as an “emergency.”

When Amanda was a little girl, she was violated over and over by her family members. Almost every person in her family molested her, including the women. Amanda’s mind was tormented with revenge, hatred, and murder. All she could think about was killing predators who prey upon little children. As a result of her hatred, she was very tormented.

Deep down, we knew Amanda’s primary issue was unforgiveness. She was living a tormented life Jesus spoke of in Matthew 18:21-35. In this section of Scripture, Jesus shared a parable of an unforgiving servant. As a result of the servant’s bitter heart, he was handed over to the torturers.

Through a very sensitive and tedious process, we were able to lead Amanda into an encounter with Jesus. The Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit revealed to Amanda the necessity of forgiving the predators who violated her. She was able to forgive from deep inside. As Amanda forgave each individual, Jesus healed the roots of her hidden core pain. Once she was able to forgive, the tormentors lifted off her life.

Power Packed Prayers

By Dawn R. Pietsch

As the month of August roles through so quickly, I can’t help but think we’re on a speed warp this year. So many things have taken place in August, as we move forward full speed ahead. Many people are asking what we have been doing in ministry because of the Covid-19 issue. Even though we are now stationary for the time being, ministry does not stop.

There are many broken people who are stuck and need help right now. We do ministry quite differently these days on Zoom, FaceTime, and occasionally in person. There is no distance in the Spirit realm, and God is still at work dispatching His ministering angels to help those in need. We have a ministry team with prophetic gifts that can see into the Spirit, and know what is taking place in the lives of the people we are praying for. It’s as though we’re outside of time as we pray for these people.

We also pray corporately in a group for individuals, nationally, and globally. The prayers are Power Packed! These prayers release deliverance to those who are in bondage, and enslaved with addictions and darkness.

Thank you, Jesus for Your “Finished Work at the Cross!” There is nothing more powerful than forgiveness, His precious blood, His Name, the Word, and the Cross! We praise God for His unfailing Love being poured out on us continuously. Thank you, Jesus!