Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Frontline Chronicles :: January, 2019 :: Ministry in Nigeria :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

Ministry in Nigeria

 By Nathan D. Pietsch

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I successfully returned from a 47-day mission trip to Nigeria. Africa is a very difficult place to stay, especially for an extended time. Basic commodities we take for granted in western countries are very uncertain. For example, in Africa there are extended power outages, running water shut downs, and inconsistent WIFI. It is a place that can stretch a person to the extreme. Despite the daily turmoils there, it is a continent where the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit are moving powerfully.

The types of physical ailments the people have are overwhelming. I met a 16-year old girl who had a boil on her hand when she was ten. The wound never healed, but rotted away her arm for the past six years. When I first saw her, I saw the bandage on her arm but did not know the horror that lied under that cloth. I was shocked at the sight and stench of rotting human flesh.

I prayed for her arm daily to be healed for the last week of my stay in Nigeria. The Lord healed the pain in her shoulder and elbow, which caused her many problems. Also, a visible new layer of skin and flesh began to grow where it was not previously. I would be curious to see her arm in a month's time.

In addition to the physical infirmities, the spiritual needs are significant. Before missionaries from America, the United Kingdom, and Europe carried the Gospel to Africa, the continent was given over entirely to idol worship and extreme witchcraft. It is still steeped in their culture. Their nightly TV programs show chicken sacrifices and occultic practices.

It is very common to pray for them when all of a sudden they will begin to manifest demons. Some scream aloud, others become violent. Sometimes the evil spirits will begin to make the person move like a snake. This is when your faith in Jesus Christ is tested. If you are "small" in Jesus, the demons certainly know it. Fortunately the Bible says in 1 John 4:4: "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." When the demons are cast out, the individual receives great freedom and instantly glorifies Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In one instance I was asked to pray for a woman. While I was praying, a spirit of death manifested. The evil spirit began to speak to me and confess it had succeeded in killing the woman's father, then her husband. The spirit was also attempting to kill the woman's three children. I was able to pray for her and command the devil out. She received a great deliverance and then got filled with the Holy Spirit. You can watch the YouTube video if you like.

It is bitter-sweet to be back in the USA now. There is such a ministry need in Africa, and my trip was very successful. I do not have plans for a fifth trip at this time, but I would suspect I will be headed back to Africa in the future.


God Is in It All

By Dawn R. Pietsch

As Nathan was in Nigeria, I stayed back in the USA, in Southern California. It was a great visit with my family, but also had its hard times as well. The struggle was with what is happening in our country. After listening to the 2019 Prophetic reports, I was encouraged to see and understand that God is in it all. Even though there is a lot of disunity, God is doing a major shaking, bringing the junk to the surface, which is what we are seeing.

What the people of God need to be doing, is listening to what God is saying, and teaching others how to hear from God. We must be praying for our leaders, their families, the President, and the government as well. Prayer is powerful!

When I asked the Lord how to pray He said, "Pray that My will be done, not yours." It is easy instructions, but some people do not know how to pray, because they do not see the big picture. The Lord will help us, but we must ask. We must trust that He can handle this, because He can.