Thursday, May 31, 2018

Frontline Chronicles :: May, 2018 :: Injured Shoulder Miraculously Healed :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Dawn and I have been working very close with a wonderful church here in Mexico. We have been helping train and equip the people for the “Great Harvest.” The location of this church is in the poorest community in Cabo San Lucas. They live in plywood houses surrounded by dust and dirt.

After one of the training sessions, a group of eight people outside the church caught my attention. I received a word of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8) from the Lord of one of them having pain in their left elbow. I asked the group through my friend, Jose interpreting about the pain. One of the guys said, “I don’t have pain in my left elbow, but my right shoulder hurts.” He was in visible pain and unable to lift his arm above his head.

He permitted us to pray for healing. However, the Holy Spirit prompted me to have the obnoxious drunk guy in the group speak healing. I believe the Lord had me do this because the drunk man is really called to be a minister. The drunk man repeated after me as he placed his hand on his shoulder. "In the name of Jesus Christ, be healed." The injured man then began to swing his arm around in full mobility. Jose then preached the Gospel to the group in Spanish. They were all visibly touched as the Holy Spirit encountered these precious people.

God is greatly desiring for you and I to share His perfect love with others. The Lord radically touched this group by my "botched word of knowledge." Either way, God demonstrated His great love to lose in the dirt.

The Barrio

By Dawn R. Pietsch

A Barrio is a ward, quarter, or district of a city or town in a Spanish-speaking country. The barrio in which Nathan and I do most of our ministry is also the poorest area in Cabo San Lucas. The people live in the dirt in make-shift houses. However, the people we have met have hearts of gold.

Our time here in Mexico has been one of great reward! To see people arise into their true identity is great news! Nathan has been faithful to train up and equip the believers out in the barrio. They are learning to hear God's voice, prophesy, speak in tongues, pray powerful declarations of God, dream big with God, receive deliverance, crucify the flesh, and become even more powerful leaders for God, for both now, and in the end-time harvest! Yea God!