Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Frontline Chronicles :: December, 2018 :: 2018 in Review :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

By Nathan D. Pietsch

2018 in Review

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I started the year of 2018 in Africa. After 35-days in Nigeria, I flew to Kenya to preach at the “Supernatural Gospel Crusade” as the main speaker. We ventured 14-hours by car from Nairobi into a remote village in western Kenya. Over the course of the three night event, thousands of people attended to encounter the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. Hundreds were physically healed, were delivered of demonic influences, or received salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

After nearly two months in Africa, Dawn and I flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for six months to do ministry. While in Mexico, we were able to preach in churches, conduct equipping workshops, help children in orphanages, and open air preach. All of our ministry was in the barrio. The barrio is the area of extreme poverty. They live in plywood houses surrounded by dust and dirt. Regardless of their living conditions, God did a mighty work amongst them.

After our return to the USA, we had open invitations to preach and minister in California, Oregon, and Washington. We were able to preach at the, "Living in the Supernatural Conference" and the "2018 Intercessor's Summit." These events were very powerful, and the people were radically impacted.

It has been quite a journey, and we want to thank you for your prayers, financial support, and encouragement.


The Year At Its End

By Dawn R. Pietsch

We started off the year of 2018, with Nathan in Nigeria and Kenya, Africa for 5 weeks. I stayed back in the USA with family. Soon after that, Nathan returned in February, and we headed off for Mexico for nearly six months, doing ministry out in the barrio, where the poorest of the people live. The people were awesome, being raised up in the Lord, even despite all of their hardships.

While in Mexico some good friends who lived in the state of Washington, invited us up to their ministry, and for Nathan to preach at their Holy Spirit Conference in September. Soon after that, we were invited to stay on, and to help with their ministry: preaching, teaching, doing inner healing, doing one-on-one prayer appointments, and other conferences. Washington state is in revival!

As the year is coming to an end, Nathan received the finances to go back to Africa. This will be his forth time in a two year span. The ministry work in Africa has been very beneficial to our ministry in the area of deliverance and inner healing. Africa may be one of the poorest nations, but truly it is very rich in signs, wonders, miracles, and healings by the power and authority of Jesus Christ!

We hope you had a very blessed Christmas and New Year, and thank all of you, for all of your prayers and support!