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Frontline Chronicles :: March, 2020 :: Reader Discretion - Vampires Amongst Us :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

Reader Discretion - Vampires Amongst Us

 By Nathan D. Pietsch

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Note: The following testimonies, videos, and photos are for the Glory of God and His Goodness. It is wonderful to partner with the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to help people move from dark to light, bondage to freedom, and struggle to destiny.

Dawn and I received a request to pray for a young lady named “Amber.” She is in her late twenties. Amber was going through major issues in her life. She was very tormented, had no peace, and was on the verge of a mental crisis. As we started to pray, the Lord revealed spiritual roots underlying Amber’s misery.

Dawn and I started by declaring Scriptures. In the spirit realm, I saw a demonic entity in the form of a vampire come forth and confront me. We asked the girl what her connection was to vampires. She said, “Several years ago, I used to be a vampire.” She relayed how she became involved with a group who lived a “vampire lifestyle.” They would drink each other’s blood, perform rituals, and defile themselves through orgy parties.

As Dawn and I prayed, the vampire spirit began to manifest. We cast it out in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. We also led Amber through prayers of repentance. We were able to “close the door” to her demonic attacks, so her relationship with the Lord could begin to flourish. However, she still needs to live out her freedom and not open the doors again to the enemy.

The spirit world is very real, and the devil will do anything to destroy people. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” Do not let the enemy have a foothold in your life, but rather live your life fully surrendered to God.

Overcoming Rejection

By Dawn R. Pietsch

I want to talk about, “Overcoming Rejection”. The origin or rejection was from the beginning of time here on earth. After the fall, all kinds of things came into play. (See Genesis 3:1-22.) Rejection was one of the first things to appear. Adam and Eve rejected God's words about the "rules" in the garden. Because of that, rejection entered in.

Rejection is like a tree, it grows deep roots and seeds. The rejection in your life can be generational, and even begin at conception. Were you wanted? This opens up a whole gamut of decisions a person can make, that affects the rest of their life. Finding out the source of your rejection is important, because it helps eliminate those areas in your life that have been affected. For example, were you adopted, illegitimate, unwanted? These can leave deep wounds in a person's life. Were you abused, physically, emotionally, or sexually? These issues can affect you, including your relationships. Are you prone to addictions, obsessions, and idolatry? These are all the fruit of rejection.

Wherever you're at, and whatever you have done, Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6). Jesus has overcome rejection. He was the most rejected person in the history of our world, and still is. How can we even fathom that? The One who gave us so much, and has done so much for us, even died for us. He has overcome sin and death, and was victorious at the Cross! (See 1 Corinthians 15:55-57.)

The Cross is where you start. Release, forgive, and repent of all rejection that you’ve ever experienced! You will feel the release, the chains fall off, the roots come out, the demons flee, and the prison doors open. By forgiving and repenting of rejection, you will come out from under rejection's bondage. It’s time to get out of those prisons, and release those rejections to the Cross! “It is finished!” was the last words that Jesus spoke on the Cross, receive the freedom that He purchased for you at Calvary! (See John 19:30.) It is time!

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Frontline Chronicles :: January, 2020 :: Bizarre Stories from Nigeria :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

Bizarre Stories from Nigeria

 By Nathan D. Pietsch

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Note: The following testimonies, videos, and photos are for the Glory of God and His Goodness. It is wonderful to partner with the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to help people move from dark to light, bondage to freedom, and struggle to destiny.

I spent the entire month of January in the African nation of Nigeria. It was my fifth mission trip there. I plan to give a full update in next months edition of Frontline Chronicles. If you have ever been to a developing country, many of the luxuries we take for granted are non-existent. It is a difficult place to stay, but the people are desperate for the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. This makes the ministry very exciting.

Before missionaries carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa, the people served and worshipped hand-made idols and practiced witchcraft. This is still laced deeply into their culture. It is not uncommon to see chicken sacrifices, evil incantations, and sorcery on Nigerian television. Africa indeed is a spiritual playground.

I heard many testimonies describing horrible curses high level witches and warlocks placed upon others. The tactic of the devil is to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). I witnessed a man whose right leg was about two times the size of the other due to swelling. I asked him how he hurt his leg. He replied, “I didn’t hurt it. My enemy used witchcraft and cursed the ground I walked on. After this, my leg swelled.”

In another situation, a woman was pregnant with the same child for four years. She was unable to give birth. The baby was miraculously alive. I had never seen a person with such a protruded belly from being pregnant. The sights one sees on the mission field are astounding. However, God shows up in powerful ways.

Note: The pictures below are from Nathan’s previous mission trips to Nigeria. Stay tuned for a full coverage of this mission trip next month.

The Year of the Mouth

By Dawn R. Pietsch

Welcome to the New Year of 2020! When I hear the words 2020, I think of vision, but there is way more meaning to this! It's looking into this year... and speaking to the things that are not, as though they were (Romans 4:17). Many people are calling this year, "The Year of the Mouth!" Second Corinthians 4:13 says, "I believed and therefore I spoke."

It's about speaking, as God's son's and daughters, made in His image, in His likeness, speaking forth what God is saying! Our words must always align with God's Word, His truth! All of creation is eagerly awaiting for the son's and daughters of God to come into maturity, to be revealed (Romans 8:19). It's a "wake up time" for the Bride of Christ, the Bridegroom is coming for us, and He wants to be pleased by what He sees.

Do we have faith on earth to do what He says? Is our faith pleasing Him? It's impossible to please God without faith according to Hebrews 11:6. In Luke 17:5, the apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our Faith!" We are called to do so much more than we are presently doing... Saving the lost, healing the sick, creative miracles, advancing His Kingdom! "Yes Lord, 'Increase our Faith!'" We welcome you, Holy Spirit!

Frontline Chronicles :: December, 2019 :: The Year in Review 2019 :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

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Note: The following testimonies and photos are for the Glory of God and His Goodness. It is wonderful to partner with the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to help people move from dark to light, bondage to freedom, and struggle to destiny.

Nathan spent the entire month of January in Nigeria, Africa. If you have ever been to an African nation, you know how difficult it is. Despite the hardships and discomforts, the ministry is spectacular. The people are desperate for an encounter with the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

Since the medical system is virtually non-existent in Nigeria, the atmosphere is ripe for healing miracles. The lack of medical attention the people receive results in shocking and disgusting injuries and illnesses. People live their lives with rotting flesh, deep infected gashes in their skin, and broken bones. It is a real life horror movie.

This is the hand of a 16 year old girl in Nigeria. Four years prior, she had a boil on her hand. She washed the boil and it became an open wound. The injury became infected and began to eat the flesh on her hand. The picture on the left was the first day I met her. I determined to pray for her daily for an entire week before I left the country. The picture on the right shows new skin, blood vessels, and the wound closing. I do not know how the girl is doing today, but I am believing for the wound to be completely healed in Jesus' name.

Nigeria is also a spiritual playground. The culture is full of high level witchcraft and sorcery. This results in the people being tormented and possessed by evil spirits. In one situation, I was asked to pray for a woman. When I began to pray, a spirit of death began to manifest that had been living in the woman. I cast the demon out of her, and then she got filled with the Holy Spirit to replace the evil. You can watch the short video clip of the event by clicking the picture below.

After I returned from Africa, Dawn and I headed to New Orleans, Louisiana. This was our third mission trip to New Orleans in the past eight years. We spent a total of six months in the south. New Orleans is one of the darkest cities in the United States. It is steeped with Voodoo, Mardi Gras, witchcraft, satanists, and vampires.

For months, Dawn and I went into the French Quarter and street preached on the healing miracles of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. The French Quarter is the epicenter of evil in the city. We were able to help bring healing, salvation, and deliverance to many hurt and broken people in the Quarter.

In one situation, a young lady was abandoned by her friends. She was so intoxicated she did not even know where she was. She was skimpily dressed and primed for a major disaster. It is in these sorts of situations when people can get raped, murdered, or both. Dawn was led by the Holy Spirit and rescued this woman from an uncertain future. We safely drove her to the hotel she was lodging.

It was a sudden departure for Dawn and I to exit Louisiana and Mississippi. We were sad to go because we were seeing God move so mightily through the street ministry we were conducting. Nonetheless, God had plans for us to minister in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Our schedules quickly became overflowing with one-on-one prayer appointments. People who had been tormented by life's challenges came to see us. Strongholds of addiction, depression, suicidal tendencies, rage, and anger shattered by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus. God transformed dark situations into His glorious light. For confidentiality reasons, it was difficult to snap photos during the one-on-one prayer appointments, but the testimonies are powerful.

You can find monthly detailed testimonies from the mission field on our website.

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Most importantly, we want to thank each and every one of you for being apart of our lives and ministry. We are so appreciate of you. We would not be able to further the Gospel as we are without your prayer and financial support. You are having an eternal impact. May the Lord bless you abundantly, in the name of Jesus.