Friday, April 26, 2019

Frontline Chronicles :: April, 2019 :: Man Gets Free of Evil Spirits :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

Man Gets Free of Evil Spirits

 By Nathan D. Pietsch

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Dawn and I have been doing a lot of ministry in the French Quarter in New Orleans. This area is one of the worst spots in the USA for witchcraft, debauchery, crime, and sexual perversion. We have been doing a lot of open air preaching with a sound system. I am always amazed to see people flocking into the Voodoo shops, but mocking me when I tell them Jesus loves them and has a great destiny for them.

On one night when we were street preaching, a man named Jonathan in his fifties came up to us. He said he was homeless for the past five years and had been drinking. Despite his issues, he started quoting Psalm 91 perfectly. He then started singing Gospel songs. He knew the Bible very well, but also had some major problems.

I asked him if he needed prayer, and he said he did. While we were praying for him, he started acting really strange. His body began to contort and he looked unsteady on his feet. He then began to walk away from us quickly. I yelled back at him, “Jonathan, hey, Jonathan come back.”

He stopped and walked back towards us. We could see an evil spirit had surfaced and was severely affecting Jonathan's life. We commanded the darkness to leave, and Jonathan replied, "Wow, I feel a lot better." We continued to minister and he began to sweat profusely and act strange again. We then commanded more darkness to leave. Afterwards he looked normal. He said he could feel a significant difference and he left glowing.

We recorded some of the encounter and posted the video on Youtube under the title, "Man Gets Free of Evil Spirits."

The Prodigals Are Coming Home

By Dawn R. Pietsch

While Nathan and I were ministering in the French Quarter, we came across a man that was a pastor's son. He reminded me of the prodigal son. He had left his home in Chicago eleven years ago, and came to New Orleans. He squandered all his money, lived a lascivious lifestyle, and was completely broken. He had two black eyes and was in a lot of emotional pain.

He heard Nathan preaching on the streets, and was drawn to the preaching. He said it sounded like his father preaching. He kept repenting of all the sinful things he had done, and rededicated his life to Jesus! He ran off before we could ask him what his new plans were, but perhaps he was going home to his father's house, where his father would be awaiting his arrival. Our Father in Heaven is awaiting His prodigals, it's time to come home!