Friday, February 1, 2013

January, 2013: Update from the Mission Field

Jesus is the Open Door

By Nathan D. Pietsch
On a recent Sunday, Dawn and I went to church in Santa Barbara, CA. We love this area because it is so beautiful. Afterwards, we went for a short walk on the wooden pier over the ocean. On the pier, we saw a palm reader/psychic shop. We walked over to it, so we could pray for God’s glory to overtake it. A Caucasian woman in her fifties named, "Sara" was trying to get inside to get her palm read. However, the door was locked. Dawn and I were watching all this transpire. I turned to Sara and said, "Are you looking to receive a spiritual reading?"

Sara replied, "Yes."

"I’ll give you a spiritual reading right now, and for free. Can I give you a reading?"


I took her hand and said, "Holy Spirit come."

After about five seconds, Dawn and I started prophesying over her, and getting very accurate words of knowledge. I said in the first word of knowledge the Lord revealed to me, "You have a very strong teacher anointing on your life. Are you a teacher, or have you ever thought about being one?"

Sara replied, "Ya, I’ve been one for the past 33 years."

Dawn and I continued to get very specific words for her. We were able to prophecy into her life for about five minutes. Sara’s eyes often welled up with tears.

We then asked her if she wanted to get a fresh start with the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. Sara was very ready. We lead her through the sinner’s prayer. She repeated every word. This was one of the easiest encounters we have ever had. At the end, Sara said, "I’m on a spiritual journey." Well Sara, you’re journey has ended. Jesus has found you.

A revelation that all Christians need to immediately embrace is that the supernatural needs to be natural in all our lives. Dawn and I find many people who are looking for spiritual guidance and personal direction specific for their lives.

We have seen many people flock to palm readers, fortune tellers, and tarot card readers, especially in New Orleans. The world is flocking to these dark and deviant arts because the church as a whole is not demonstrating that Jesus is the greatest power and the true source of the supernatural.

There is nothing wrong with the supernatural. Jesus walking on water was supernatural. (See Matthew 14:25-26.) However, the source of the supernatural is crucial. Jesus alone is our open door. He alone is our pathway to Heaven and the supernatural. Any other door to the supernatural a person takes, they are ascribed as a thief and robber. Jesus refers to the devil as a thief. (See John 10:1-11.)

It is far past time for the church to arise, so we can pull people out of darkness and into the glorious light of Jesus Christ.