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December, 2013 :: Update from the Mission Field :: Nathan and Dawn Pietsch

written by: Nathan D. Pietsch

Dear Friends and Family,

December was a very active month for Dawn and I on the USA mission field. We spent hours and hours a day this month on the streets contending for revival in New Orleans. We believe the breakthroughs New Orleans receives will radically impact the United States and beyond. As you read below, you will find a brief update from the mission field covering the entire year of 2013. You will also find some special prayer requests.

If you are interested in connecting and supporting Nathan and Dawn Pietsch on a personal level you can at: www.allsufficientgod.org.

As full-time missionaries to the United States, we desire to stay true to the call we believe we have received. Our objectives as missionaries is to reach the lost on the streets and in the marketplace in the areas we travel. We accomplish this through power evangelism outreach. Our second objective is to train and equip other churches in power evangelism outreach. Our third objective is to conduct revival meetings and conferences. We have recorded below a brief update from the mission field covering the entire year.

2013 in Review

For Dawn and I, 2013 was full of loop-de-loops, ups-and-downs, and all-arounds. It has been an amazing ride, and for certain, the good has greatly outweighed the bad.

Dawn and I live a “book of Acts” lifestyle. We go where we feel the Lord is calling us to go and minister. Sometimes we go to regions where we do not have any connections, and watch to see what doors God might open up for us. It is certainly stretching at times.

Throughout the year, we were able to minister to hundreds of people. As front line missionaries, we spend a lot of time praying for hurting and helpless souls on the streets. We find a lot of broken people. It is so wonderful to be able to minister the good news of Jesus Christ to them.

Our primary places of ministry in 2013 were in California and Oregon. We also got to do significant ministry in Arizona and Louisiana.

While we were in California, we got to minister to people in Santa Barbara, Hollywood, and Redding to name a few cities. While in Redding, we got to oversee a healing house for three months. We also were able to be a part of the ministry team in the healing rooms at Bethel Church.

During our stay in Oregon, we specifically connected with an amazing deliverance and inner healing ministry. We were able to minister alongside of them, while they ministered to us at different times. The training and equipping we received at the deliverance ministry has been a foundational piece for the ministry we are now doing in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2014 in Foresight

We are very excited for 2014. We are believing God will open some amazing doors for us. We are not exactly sure what that looks like, but it is going to be spectacular.

The word Dawn is continually receiving daily from the Lord is, “Behold, I am coming quickly.” (Revelation 22:12.) There seems to be an urgency in the spirit realm saying, “Wake up. Shake off lukewarmness. Stop living in the world. Time is getting short. Live radically on fire for Jesus. You won’t be disappointed.” That is what we desire to do. That is what we desire for you too. You won’t be disappointed!

Special Prayer Requests
* Please pray that the people Nathan and Dawn have ministered to will continue to have amazing encounters with the Lord.
* Please pray for greater provision, protection, and God's wisdom for Nathan, Dawn, and All Sufficient God Church.
* Please pray for Divine connections and appointments.
* Please pray for a great outpouring of God's grace in New Orleans. New Orleans' breakthrough will impact the USA.

If you would like to sponsor or invite Nathan and Dawn to go to your church or region, please contact them at: ndpietsch@gmail.com

Lots of Love,
Nathan and Dawn


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Nathan and Dawn Pietsch are front line missionaries, and they need your prayers!
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