Saturday, March 31, 2018

Frontline Chronicles :: March, 2018 :: Ministry in Mexico :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

By Nathan D. Pietsch

After 43 days in Africa, I got to enjoy three days in the USA before heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for ministry. On one ministry outing, Dawn and I got to minister at an orphanage. I shared the "Jonah Story," about being able to praise the Lord in any situation, like Jonah did in the belly of the great fish. I also had the children stand in front of their peers and preach a one minute message on their favorite Bible verse. People are never too young to start in ministry. It was impactful for them.

We have also been able to preach in churches and conduct equipping workshops. The people have responded very well. We have more revival workshops planned. We are also hoping to organize ministry in the federal prison as well as conduct Evangelism Gospel Crusades. This area desperately needs a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The doors are slowly opening for Dawn and I here in Mexico. It has been much harder then expected. In the current condition, there is a lot of division in the local churches. This makes it really difficult to organize events and cross pollinate the churches. Many of the pastors here have also been damaged by missionaries. This has made them skeptical towards Dawn and I. Fortunately, we are getting breakthrough though.

Please keep us in prayer as we are hoping to see God do a wonderful work in Cabo San Lucas and beyond.

Rich Versus Poor

By Dawn R. Pietsch

As we came to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in February, we noticed a huge parallel difference between the rich and the poor. One side is in extreme poverty, and the other side has the extreme rich with beautiful resorts. We saw the servants, and those who want to be catered too. The uneducated and the educated.

In the Bible, Jesus said there would always be the poor (Matthew 26:11), which is sad to hear. It's a poverty mindset that holds the people in bondage, and from receiving kingdom principles, and a kingdom mindset. There is no poverty in Heaven, therefore there should be no poverty on earth. There should be no partiality as well, preferring one race more than another, and the rich more than the poor. Once again it's our mindset that sets us apart.

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