Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Frontline Chronicles :: August, 2018 :: Praying in a Buddhist Prayer Room :: Nathan & Dawn Pietsch

By Nathan D. Pietsch

Praying in a Buddhist Prayer Room

In late July I had two dreams of a young boy whom Dawn and I knew ten years ago. The boy is now 18-years old named, "Mark." He and his family are originally from the wonderful country of Vietnam. Mark has had autism all his life and unable to speak. I believe this could be a demonic influence causing this boy to be mute similar to stories found in the Bible. (See Luke 11:14 and Mark 9:14-27.)

We met with the parents and proposed the idea of praying for Mark. They invited us over for Vietnamese dinner and then ministry. We walked inside of the room where we were to pray for Mark. To our surprise, the entire room was a shrine devoted to Buddha. They had pineapples and other fruit presented to the idols as an offering.

As soon as we started praying for Mark and laying hands on him, he turned very pale and almost passed out. Even his mom was concerned. He then got very violent and started attacking his mom and dad. Those devils were very physically strong and violent in him. While we were praying in the name of Jesus Christ, Mark was profusely sweating. After awhile, he calmed down. We were then able to pray for his parents.

Mark did not receive a total healing at that moment, but something significant took place. The following morning, Mark's mother called us and told us he had a peaceful morning, which was not common. We are believing the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit to continue to work on this families behalf.


Back in the USA

By Dawn R. Pietsch

We are very happy to be back in the USA, as we feel called to this nation, and we love it very much! Each nation has its very own purpose and destiny, including the issues that go along with it. Some nations have poverty, while others experience great wealth. There is such a vast collage of differences between all nations.

In each nation there is usually a "descriptive statement" about it, such as the USA. It is known for the "Land of the free", or the "Land of opportunity." We are thankful for it all! God Bless America! May the Lord continue to release freedom to the people of America and release opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ... Amen!

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